Do These 5 Things And You Will Get Super Fans

As a musician, there is nothing better than playing for a captivated crowd, whether it’s a packed bar on a Saturday night or playing for thousands of people at a music festival. I’ve been on tour a few times, and as exhausting as it is, and as much fast food you eat at 2am because you’re finally leaving the venue and nothing else is open, those few moments of performing make it entirely worth it when you are playing for an energetic, engaged fan base.

If you have received objective feedback confirming that your music is actually good and you’ve already done the prerequisite things, such as buy merchandise and played concerts, you are ready to turn your normal fans into super fans.

A super fan is someone who comes to all of your shows, buys every single last shirt, CD, sticker, and pillow case you sell with your name on it, tells their friends about you, and interacts with all of your social channels all the time by liking, commenting, and sharing your content. Basically, they’re obsessed with your music. Super fans will promote your brand for you and help boost your brand equity.

Here are 5 things you can do to get super fans.

Say Hello!

Introduce yourself after your show and meet people, especially if you saw they were into your music while you were performing. Just be nice because it goes a long way. You were confident enough to play in front of an audience, so be confident enough to talk to people after your show.  

Go Above And Beyond

When someone buys a CD and shirt from you, give them an extra sticker. If you don’t have anything extra to give, write a hand written note and include it in their order, or draw a cartoon. Take a selfie with them and ask if you can share it to your band’s social media pages. Or, buy them a drink! Just do something that goes above and beyond what they would normally expect, and they will absolutely love this.

Be Actually Engaging On Social Media

Implement this easy tactic before spending money on ad campaigns.

It’s not engaging to post your music without ever responding to comments or acknowledging your fan base. Anytime anyone comments on your posts, reply back with something thoughtful. Don’t just reply with emojis because this is not engaging them on a personal level. Speak directly to them to show you are acknowledging them as a person and state your appreciation.

Here is an easy example:

  • Fan: “Great song!”
  • You: “Thank you so much, (insert fan name here)! We really appreciate that, and it means a lot!”

Just put in a little extra effort, and it will go a long way. It doesn’t need to always be long winded, but there should be some thought put into it. Once you’ve mastered the art of social engagement, you can advertise your posts to reach a larger audience. Running ads can be confusing, so if you aren’t sure how to run an effective ads campaign that will give you your best return on investment, reach out to a marketing consultant to get a blue print that you can follow step by step. It will save you a lot in the long run.

Run These Kinds of Contests

Everyone loves contests and the opportunity to win something, though they also give you an opportunity to connect with people on a deeper level.

Here are a couple ideas to try:

  • “Tell us what our next shirt design should be! We will pick a winner, design this on our shirt, and send you the merchandise for free.”

This helps cater your brand to your audience better, show you value their feedback, and also give you great ideas for free! Most will brag that they designed the shirt idea.

  • “Whoever moshes the hardest to this next song gets our new album for free!”

This idea may not be relevant if you play bluegrass, but hey, give it a shot anyway (or something similar). You will validate them for doing a great job, and they get something of yours out of it. It also gets more people into your live performance, which is always a plus.

Your contests should force your fans to participate in some way in which they are rewarded for it, and they give you an opportunity to become connected in the process. They pay money to see your brand, buy your merchandise, and may even look up to you, so you should give back to them when you can. By doing so, it will pull them closer to you and your music.

Make Eye Contact

Eye contact helps build a bond with other human beings. There are opportunities to do this during your set on stage. Look out and catch a few gazes, especially when you are talking between songs. Sometimes it is okay to not talk between songs, but you need to make a point of it at some point during your set. Be confident and talk to your audience even if it feels uncomfortable at first. This one is subtle but absolutely works and will turn your fans into super fans in no time.  

A super fan is acquired by putting in the extra effort. In almost all cases, you cannot just play music and expect people to be truly connected to you. Unless you’ve made it to the top of billboards, there is more you could be doing to get your fans closer to you and your music. Even the biggest of superstars will still make a point to show appreciation in some way.

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